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CP stuff!!!!!!! READ!!!! February 15, 2007

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I’ve been in clubpenguin for a while now, and know my way around.

Read the stuff below.
Something weird is starting 2 go on. I keep getting calls from some Jamaicaian guy!! If ur reading this, STOP CALLIN ME!
Chek out all the blogs, i’m gonna add more. (P.S. I PWN!!!!!)

Right now put your cp glitches, secrets, hacks, accounts, and anything else involving clubpenguin in my tags.
And if your name is clubpenguin0freak, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME!!!!! (But I have clues too my code here) If you are clubpenguin0freak this is for you! (_i_) 🙂
And, if you would like to join my CP prank club tell me on my blog!

And look at all my really funny pictures and videos. I usually wear diffrent clothes, but i’m on Cp all the time. If you see me, shout Mr.Ducky! And I will talk too you about clubpenguin secrets and stuff. I am also a god a Psi ops: the mindgate conspricy, but thats a diffrent story

My name in clubpenguin is My Al.


The new pin is a box. On the dock keep on puting your mouse over this 1 box, and at the end a box is sideways. PICK IT UP! In the new catalog, click on the fish on the flipper to get the red helmet, to get the blue 1 exit 3 or 4 x’s. To get the gold 1, do all that then click on the coffe cup. Hope it helped! (I have a pic of d gold 1) I only know a one in the igloo catalog, ok click on the cabin door and you will get the stone thingy. And with the furniture catalog, click the word THRONE on princess throne and you get a HUGE royal thrown! Also, click on the tape inside the stero, and you can get the plasma! And there is a really cool new igloo desin! The new pin is in the dance lounge table in the back. Here’s how to get 105 buddies! First have 99 buddies, then send mail 2 everyone you want to be your buddy, then, you have more then 100 buddies!


  I SAW ROCKHOPER!!! It was preety cool! And the new friend braelet is at the back of the new book thing in the coffee shop lounge. (It’s pretty stupid.)
BAD NEWS!!!! THE NEWSPAPER GLITCH HAS BEEN FIXED 😦 I’m currently making pics of CP on my computer, so I’m not going to be on ALL the time. A new mission for the secret agents is being made. We also won a battle aginst a classifed gang. Only members of the wing ding army can be told, to stop many more wars with that gang. And all 10 of the backround actors for Jh999 studious. If you want to be famous, I reccomend you try out! (I am, too.)

And the “worst virus ever” has ben identfied, DO NOT open ANYTHING that says a virtual card for you, it destroys your computers Sector Zero where ALL the vital info is stored. DO NOT OPEN IT EVEN IF YOU KNOW THE SENDER! IT SPREADS TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN YOUR MAIL ACCOUNT!!!!!! PUT THIS ON YOUR PAGE!!

Thats it for now. My Al.

images.jpgIs that a ipod?images-2.jpg BOW TO MR.DUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!images1.jpg Join the nub club!


winterfest.jpg Try to find me! Ok, it’s pretty easy.duckie-for-sale.jpg4.png

What the heck?



1. Mr WordPress - February 15, 2007

Hi, this is a comment.
To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

2. Mrs. Eissey - February 15, 2007

You are a very crazy boy. I refuse to bow to Mr. Ducky. I think you are very smart even though you are a bit nutty!
Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Eissey

3. myal - February 16, 2007


4. myal - February 17, 2007

a clue 4 clubpenguin0freaks, numbers may = letters. or does it?

5. Keith - February 17, 2007
6. monkeybob - February 24, 2007

what aabout a club 4 me (sparkymonkeypartyzone)??

7. halo1232 - March 26, 2007


8. tahu208 - April 13, 2007


Signed Tahu208
Leader of teh NOCP 8)

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