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I’m tired of… July 9, 2007

Posted by myal in Uncategorized.

Well, i’m sick of all the little hacking teams that delete sites and think “ooo look at me i’m so cooooll!!” Well, it’s kinda stupid. I mean, they didn’t do anything to them. Well, if there’s a gang war I guess, but just some little kid that doesn’t even know what a gang is? I’m just saying, it’s gotten so complicaded now, it really is becoming a second life! Don’t get me wrong, CP is fun, but it’s turning into a murder scene!! What ever happend to the times with no gangs, being retarted, now nearly everything you say can “Hurt” a gang and all the sudden your site is gone and your banned forever! It’s like the REAL mafia!! It’s just annoying!! So thats about it and thats what I wanted to say.



1. Spiderfan 67 - July 10, 2007

ya it is annoying. someone hacked my old penguin vulture5789 and he was very rare! i hate hackers and i have a question. can u make a post to vote for me on pimpmyigloo.wordpress.com? plz

2. Gregorio Sol - July 18, 2007

Yeah. My account got hacked (I think they traced my IP adress, cuz I never gave out my password) and now I’m banned forever! And myal, can u give me the URL of the site you found Super Dts’ name on plz.

U put my name on the comment, i had 2 change it, and also, look at comment 3

3. myal - July 18, 2007

yea, it’s: dysdweb.wordpress.com

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