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Waddle World? July 24, 2007

Posted by myal in Uncategorized.

Well, there is a rumor going around that Sony just bought or is about to buy Clubpenguin and is going to delete it and then make a new website called “Waddle World” It just dosen’t sound as classic as Clubpenguin. But there is a bigger problem. We’d have to pay for a 2nd membership, make new accounts, new igloos, new clothes, and a new place to get used-to. Also, most Clubpenguin bloggers would delete their sites, and many people would quit. Clubpenguin may not know it, but this is not a great idea because both of the sites would fail. If this is a true rumor, either The Clubpenguin Moderators have done this without thinking, are obsessed with greed, or have stopped careing about the users. I really hope this isn’t true, or I may delete my blog because clubpenguin won’t exsist anymore! Just try to make the most out of clubpenguin now, because it may not exist in a short while. Please ask clubpenguin if this is true, so we can get an anwser to the most important rumor in Clubpenguin history. Post this on your blog, too get the word out. Till’ then comment on your thoughts.



1. Greenman Dot - July 25, 2007

It’s not true, it was in the newspapers that CP turned don Sony. Waddle World is just fake. It is made by some random kids and it doesn’t actually work.

Visit http://dudeikoff.wordpress.com/

It’s not my site but it’s my favourite one.

2. Gregorio Sol - July 26, 2007

yeah i could’nt find any hardcore evedence for this theroy…

3. ŢĄĦŮ208 - July 28, 2007

CP knows that we would be dissapointed and all that hard work would go to waste so they won’t let Sony buy it

4. ™XäÑfËr™ - August 8, 2007

luckly, disney teamed up with cp, and they will only do good to it. it wouldve sucked with sony, cuz i mean, Wadlle World? thats stupid.

5. wuwu22 - September 1, 2007

waddle world? thats a dumb name i would quit cp if stupid sony ever did that

6. brandon - September 10, 2007

umm it was actualy bot by disny!

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