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Mission 4 August 15, 2007

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Yea sorry guys for not updating in a while but heres mission 4!!

talk to G
go into the gadget room
go left and get the life preserve shooter
go to the ski village
get the white fur besede the lift
go in the ski lodge
get the fishing pole beside the ‘gone fishing’ door
put the fishing pole with the life preserve shooter.
go to the sport shop
click on the belt of the penguin winking
go to the lighthouse
click on the rope in the boat
put the rope with the life preserve shooter and the fishing pole
go to the beacon
get the wrench from your spy phone
unscrew the telescope
go back to the sport shop and go to gary’s room
go right and put the telescope on the tripod in front of the second window
look through the telescope
memorize the paths to the bottom (they change every time you do the mission)
go to the mountain
go down ridge run
click on the correct paths
get the rescue thingy out and click between the two fences
break the branch on the right with the tube
rescue the penguin on the tree
then the right penguin
put one penguin back on the tree
shoot to the right of the tree
get the penguin on the tree
put all three penguins on the left ledge
after they push the rock over, rescue all three again
rescue the last penguin
go to the ski village
talk to the crying penguin
click on lift
put belt on it
go to the mountain
talk to g
give g white fur

That sucked 2 type any way bye!!!



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