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Join my club!

To join our club here are the requirements to join my gang, The Wing Dings:

Member Uniform:Any type of jacket, Black or Blue shoes, ELECTRIC gatiur, newest pin, Night Vision Goggles or sun glasses.
Non-Member Uniform: Evepatch, Bandana, new pin.

Dont’s: Can not be banned more 2 times.

Do’s:, Must be a secret agent, must be a tour guide

1 Commander of the Wing Ding Army
2 Wing Ding Army Advisor
3 High Ranking Genral
4 Genral
5 Officer
6 Top Class Sloider
7 Private
8 Buck Private
9 New Recrewt

There can be an unlimted number of people in my army. If you join, we’ll have wars, mettings, and partys!

Latest War:




1. monkeybob - February 26, 2007

sorry but i dont wanna
be in that club

2. myal - February 28, 2007


3. pikachu14 - March 1, 2007

sounds kool

4. Dragonito95 - March 10, 2007

I will join the The Wing Dings so e-mail me

5. Dragonito95 - March 10, 2007

my e-mail is: runar-n@hotmail.com

6. alaska74 - April 16, 2007

Hi iam alaska74 and iam amember ineed to join the club so email me on amr_singer2006@hotmail.com

7. Greg Son - June 26, 2007

I’m in!

8. locall - July 24, 2007

can i join

9. agent mark - July 27, 2007

i join on a club but i got kicked out

10. thermitcrab - July 28, 2007

Sorry I don’t wanna be in your club cuz ur enemys r UMA and Nachos r allies with them

11. Derek Sun - August 22, 2007

Want to get ARF alled with WDA?

12. Derek Sun - August 26, 2007

I’m so in the club.

13. Gregorio Sol - August 27, 2007

Hey what is my rank? AN dyou should change the non-meber uniform cuz that stuff isn’t avlalible anymore.

14. sparky267 - September 1, 2007

I will join the WDA. My email is firedragon64@gmail.com. I think the army is cool. and i also want to meet up with you and become your buddy on cp. email me right away!

15. HEKTOR 1X - October 6, 2007

Hey man whats up. tell ur brother I said hi and im sorry i had to do this but it was the only way I could reach you. tell him that I havn’t been online with my 360 4 a while bcause it wouldnt start so i called costumer support and then shipped it to somwere in the states so im waiting 4 it to come back but it should b here by the end of october so I’ll talk 2 u when it gets here……Oh ya! Tell me ur e-mail address so I can talk 2 u. mine is well Im not gonna say it but u know the user name I use on my 360 well its that+@hotmail.com make sure u spell it right and I’ll talk 2 ya soon.

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