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Monthly Catalog secrets


this is for the july 07 catalog…

Clothing Items –

Firefighted helmet (130c)

Firefighter jacket (380c)

Bike helmet – 350 c

Pink skates – 260 c

Blue skates – 260 c

Brown sandals – 200c

Swim Goggles (Hidden) – 220 c

Two items were brought back. They were:

Sombrero – 300 c

Silver wristwatch – 80 c

Because so many items were added, many are going into clearance, they are:

Night vision goggles – 1000c

Star necklace- 280c

Graduation cap- 100c

Green necktie- 125 c

Flower basket- 100c

Spring Dress- 400c

Green bowtie- 60c

Festive sombrero-350c

Princess Dress- 400c

There are also new backgrounds.

Jigsaw puzzle background -60c

Water balloons background – 60c

Water splas background- 60c

One background has been brought back:

Beach background-60c

Now the secrets –

To get the red viking helmet click the Diver’s Helmet so it opens up. Then click the viking helmet inside
(750c) clothing-catolog3.png

To get the blue viking helmet open and close the red viking helmet 4 times. (1200c)

Finally but not least the new pin –

The new pin is a Water Droplet, in the dance lounge on a tree.

And also their is one more hdden item called Swim goggles. To get them click on the drum sticks.


1. somone special - July 30, 2007

Ha Ha first comment

2. KKBear1998 - September 1, 2007


3. water jewels - October 28, 2007

what ? huh? whah?

4. water jewels - October 28, 2007

hi i didnt mean to type that other comment how do u make your own blog?

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